The vision of the Digital Bridge is to ensure our nation’s health through a bidrectional information flow between health care and public health. A first of its kind partnership, the Digital Bridge has created a forum for key decision makers in the health care, public health and health information technology arenas to share ideas and solutions. The Digital Bridge is also an incubator, cultivating projects that meet the goal of effective information sharing between clinicians and public health professionals.  As its first project, the Digital Bridge collaborative has designed a nationally scalable, multi-jurisdictional approach to electronic case reporting (eCR) that will be implemented across different states and cities.

Featured Update

  • Participating Digital Bridge members attended the CSTE Conference in Boise in early June to discuss the initiative and get feedback on its plans and progress. Jim Jellison, part of the Digital Bridge project management office, led three presentations to introduce the project to attendees. View the breakout session presentation slides here.
  • The governance body has formed and charged the legal and regulatory workgroup for its work in phase 3 of the project. Visit the workgroups page for details on expectations, responsibilities and deliverables.
  • Earlier this year, the governance body met in person over a two-day meeting to discuss the progress, challenges and future state of Digital Bridge. View the executive summary for details and full commentary.

Project Timeline

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