Governance Body

The governance body consists of members from the health care, public health and health information technology fields. Each group has equal representation on the body through elected primary and alternate representatives.

The group abides by governance principles:


Stakeholders will have visibility into the governance body’s work and opportunities to provide input.

Respect for Process

Governance body members will adhere to an agreed upon decision-making process. Members will observe delineated and agreed upon roles and responsibilities.


The governance body can solicit opinions and presentations from stakeholders to inform its decision-making.


The governance body will prioritize use of existing information technology standards and infrastructure as it pursues shared and realistic goals that benefit all parties.


Governance body members will represent their broader field and be responsive to the goals of the Digital Bridge partnership.


Governance body members will honor commitments made to the Digital Bridge effort.

*Charlie Ishikawa of Ishikawa & Associates provides governance support for the Digital Bridge as the governance body coordinator.