Requirements Workgroup

The objective of the requirements workgroup is to define functional requirements for electronic case reporting (eCR).

Tasks include:

  • Reach consensus recommendations on eCR business process description
  • Reach consensus recommendations on eCR functional requirements
  • Inventory existing eCR resources
  • Recommend next steps for governance body and technical architecture workgroup

Technical Architecture Workgroup

Using products developed by the requirements workgroup, the technical architecture workgroup is charged with defining technical requirements for eCR. The primary focus area this workgroup will address is the technical architecture for delivering case reports and how to implement the architecture at implementation sites.

Tasks include:

  • Review eCR business process description and functional requirements developed by the requirements workgroup and approved by the governance body
  • Review inventory of existing technical components and artifacts supporting eCR
  • Develop eCR technical requirements
  • Develop recommended technical architecture diagram and accompanying technical process workflow descriptions

Sustainability Workgroup

The sustainability workgroup is charged to define a sustainability plan for eCR that articulates a business model for supporting the envisioned Digital Bridge eCR infrastructure. Inputs will be products developed by the requirements and technical architecture workgroups, and the deliverables will inform the governance body and the legal and regulatory workgroup efforts.

Tasks include:

  • Review recent and relevant eCR economic research and implementation site findings to inform sustainability planning and deliverables development
  • Develop a preliminary sustainability plan for maintaining and supporting Digital bridge so that the collaboration can create true bi-directionality between public health and health care
  • Develop recommended site selection criteria and accompanying application process description for the implementation phase of Digital Bridge

Legal and Regulatory Workgroup

The legal and regulatory workgroup is charged with advising a public health law subject matter expert (legal SME) as s/he authors a formative assessment of the legal and regulatory issues governing eCR implementation nationwide and model agreements for Digital Bridge Phase 3 eCR implementation work. The legal and regulatory issues will include and may not be limited to: business associate agreements, state and local laws or regulations for reportable conditions, liability, insurance, procurement, or data security.

Tasks include:

  • Advise legal SME in legal and regulatory assessment of eCR based on experience and the preliminary legal and regulatory eCR issues identified by the requirements workgroup
  • Read and understand eCR implementation defining products developed and approved by Digital Bridge; i.e., eCR business process matrix, task flow diagram and functional requirements; products developed by the technical architecture workgroup
  • Read and provide constructive comments on legal SME’s formative written assessment of eCR technique and identification of legal and regulatory issues
  • Read and provide constructive comments on legal SME’s draft business associate agreements, data trading partner agreements or memoranda of understanding for Digital Bridge eCR implementation
  • Recommend the legal SME’s products (i.e., report and agreements) for review and approval by the Digital Bridge governance body